Case Study Competition Information

Please read before signing up to compete.

Team Composition:
Each team will be composed of two or three members. Participants may enter as a group at registration.

Member Eligibility:
All team members must be an enrolled student in a masters preparation program and not employed full time in a student affairs position.

Maximum Teams Allowed:
In an effort to encourage participation in the case study process, the case study planning team is not initially placing limits on the number of teams from individual institutions or number of individuals who can sign up to be paired. However, because presentation time, facilities and judging resources are limited, the planning team reserves the right to reduce the number of teams and individuals to fit what can be made available. That process will be determined based on the number of applications received by the posted deadline. If it is not possible to accommodate all on-time teams, an ordered alternate list will be developed in case of cancellations. The Case Study Committee’s goal is to notify participants of their participation status shortly after the close of registration.

Registration Deadline:
Registrations received by 5 p.m. CST, Monday, October, 14 2013 will be considered “on-time.” Applications received after that date will be considered on a space available basis by date/time of receipt of application (see “Maximum Teams Allowed” above).

Registered teams will be contacted with options for participating in the online Orientation about the Case Study competition. Teams must be represented at one of these orientations to compete.

Presentation Schedule Requirements:
The competition will be held between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday, November 4. Teams must be able to present their case during that time period as scheduled, but they are only required to be present for their scheduled time.  Scheduling will occur in late October online with teams giving ranked preference times.

Case Studies:
The case studies will be distributed on Friday, November 1st.

Case Presentations:
Presentation Time: Depending on the total number of entries, either a 20 minute or 30 minute cycle will be used; this will include the presentation, a question and answer period by the panel of judges, and time for the panel to evaluate the presentation before bringing in the next team.  The presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes.
Presentation Resources: Participants will be required to create and present their case using a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The following resources will be available for use during the case presentations:
• Computer
• Projector
Participants will need to bring their own personal laptop or locate an alternate resource to create their PowerPoint presentation if doing so on-site at the conference.
Presentation setup: Groups will be given about 5 minutes to setup their presentation at the beginning of their timeslot.

Only team members will be allowed in the presentation area before, during, and after the case presentation.

Judges will be using the Case Study Competition Evaluation Criteria

Case Preparation:
Teams are expected to work on the case preparation as a team only. Other students, faculty, professional colleagues, etc. are not allowed to see the case study or assist in the preparation of the case.

The top team members will receive individual plaques recognizing their accomplishment.

Case Study Feedback/Announcement of Results/Recognition:
The Case Study Committee and judges will present global feedback to the participants at the conclusion of the competition, followed by the announcement of the results of the case study competition. Winners may be invited to be recognized at other conference events.

To sign up for the Case Study Competition click the link below:

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